What is eyeD™?

eyeD™ is the first equine identification system that is secure, easy-to-use and accurate. It uses the unique features of a horse’s iris to identify the animal and serves as an easy alternative to the complication and uncertainty of traditional ID methods.



eyeD™ utilizes iris scan technology — it’s as easy as taking a digital photo of both eyes. The computer does the rest.



No two irises are alike – even clones have different iris patterns. An eyePrint™ is more accurate than a fingerprint.



The eyePrint information stored in the eyeD database is tamperproof, permanent and safe from the damage that paper is subject to.

How it Works

The eyeD Solution utilizes a totally non-invasive and highly accurate pattern recognition technology: iris scans. In simple terms, an eyePrint scan is a digital photo of the iris of a horse’s eye. No two irises are alike, making this method of identification more accurate than a fingerprint. Watch the video below to see how our simple 3 step process works.

The eyeD™ Advantage

eyeD offers you non-invasive, accurate identification without putting undue stress on your horse.


eyeD RFID Chip Ear tags, Markings Tattoos, Etc. DNA
Low Risk of Identifier Loss x
Low Risk of Contamination x x x
Security x x x
Accuracy x  x x
Speed x  x x
Ease of Use x x
Non-Invasive x
Animal Safety x x
Low Cost x x
Digital x x x

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technology behind eyeD?

eyeD is a non-invasive method of animal identification using iris scan technology.

Does my horse have to be restrained during the process?

No. A photo is being taken of your horse’s eye, so his head would just have to be kept still while that is being done. The operator needs to be about 10 to 14 inches from the horse to capture the image. It is necessary to photograph each eye.

How accurate is an iris scan?

Similar to a fingerprint, no two irises are alike. Presently, iris scan technology is the most accurate of all existing equine ID methods.

Will iris scanning hurt my horse?

No. In essence, the operator is just taking a photo of your horse’s eyes using infrared illumination and this process presents no short- or long-term effects.

What is Infrared Illumination?

Infrared Illumination is a deep red light that is at the edge of the visible light spectrum. The amount of infrared light we are using for illumination is much less than you would get outside on a sunny day.

What other type of information can be part of my eyeD system?

There are many different types of information that can be used in conjunction with the eyeD system, and we are in the process of determining what information we will utilize.